Parking Services

Impark is an independent parking management company under contract with QuadReal Property Group assisting in the daily operation of the parking garage.

All traffic enters and exits the parking structure from 101 Street or 102 Street parkade doors. There is one lane for ingress and one lane for egress and a switch lane at 101 Street during rush hour. All lanes will accommodate monthly parkers.

Visitors need to pre-pay at pay station prior to exit. Pay stations are located at P1 South and P1 North Lobbies.

Please lock your vehicle. Property Management is not responsible for damage to persons or their vehicles. Any damage to the parking facility or any part thereof caused by the Tenant or individual parkers or their vehicles will be the sole responsibility of that individual.


Parking Services

Parking Rates

Monday – Friday: $2.50 per half an hour

Daily Maximum (6am – 5pm): $40.00 

Monday- Sunday (5pm-6am):  $10.00 flat rate 

Saturday, Sunday & Statutory Holidays (6am – 5pm): $4.00 flat rate

Event nights: $5.00 flat rate





Flex Pass Parking

In an effort to support Commerce Place tenants in their return to work strategies and the adoption of hybrid work schedules, the need for a flexible monthly parking option was recognized.

We are excited to introduce Flex Pass, a flexible and discounted monthly parking option to accommodate Commerce Place tenants.

Customers that require parking 4 days a week or less are able to take advantage of this program by purchasing 10 all day parking sessions for only $200.00 + GST. Parking is valid 6:00AM – 6:00PM and parking coupons are valid for 90 days.  


Should you be interested or require further information please contact REEF Parking Manager, Yuriy Kotov, at [email protected] or at 780-420-1989.

Monthly Parking

Parking spaces in the garage are allocated in accordance with the tenant lease agreement. Payment may be made for monthly parking spaces at the Property Management office located behind Sunterra on the 2nd floor retail level. Monthly parking may be arranged by contacting the QuadReal office at 780-477-4400.


Monthly parking must be paid on or before the first day of each month. If parking is not paid, the parking card provided will no longer access this area.


Monthly parkers may park their vehicles in any stall on P3 and P2, except reserved stalls.



Where Should you Park?

We encourage parkers to proceed to P2 and P3 to leave P1 vacant for your customers and client’s convenience. Without exception, a parking decal must be visible at all times and affixed to the rear-view mirror of your car. If a monthly parker’s car is found without a decal clearly visible, the car will be tagged by the parking attendant and the daily rate may be charged.


Loss or theft of parking access cards and decals must be reported to Property Management or Security immediately for record cancellation. Should a parking decal or access card be found, you must report it to the Property Management Office or Security Desk.